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PT Kereta Api Indonesia

  • Monday, March 11, 2013

  • In the beginning the establishment of railways in Indonesia PT beginning with the ground-breaking development in the village railway kemijen by the Governor General of the Dutch East Indies, Mr. LAJ Sloet Baron Van den Beele and the Initiate development by Naamlooze Venootschap Nederlandsch Spoorweg Indische Maatschappij (NV. NISM) led by Ir. JP de landing of kamijen responsibility towards the village (26 Km) with a width of 1 435 mm gauge on Friday 27th June 1864. With the success of making railway between kemijen - Corporate connecting Semarang - Surakarta (110 km) on 10 February 1870 made ​​the results to encourage interested investors to build a railway in the other areas. And PT train also has a meaning as the largest transportation service company in Indonesia, which prioritizes professionalism and performance.

    PT Indonesia Trains conduct engaged in railway business and supporting businesses, through business practices and organizational models best to provide high added value to stakeholders and provide for environmental sustainability based on four main pillars of safety, punctuality, service and comfort for passenger trains, to be the best provider of railway services and a focus on customer service and meet the expectations of stakeholders.

    In efforts to develop and promote the railway company in Indonesia, Indonesian railway company has the organizational structure performance Ignatius Jonan led by a managing director, who led the Indonesian railway company consisting Sulistyo Wimbo Hardjito as commercial director, A. Herlianto as director of Operations, Candra Purnama as director of infrastructure management, Rono Pradipto as a means of managing director, Bambang Irawan, director of safety and security, M. Kuncoro Wibowo as director of Human Resources and Information Technology, Joko Margono as director of business development, Edi Sukmoro as managing director of the non-production assets, Kurniadi Atmosasmito as Finance Director.


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    Kantor Pusat PT. Kereta Api Indonesia (Persero)
    Alamat Kantor : Jalan Perintis Kemerdekaan No. 1 Bandung 40117
    Telepon Kantor :(022) 4230031, 4230039, 4230054
    Teleks Kantor : 28263, 28358
    Fax Kantor :(022) 4203342, Toka 10039
    Kotak Pos : PO Box 1163 Bandung 40000
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